Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Saint Patrick's Nemo Nursery now open during the 8am Mass

One of the things we have updated in our parish was our parish nursery which is now in a new location in the school cafeteria.  Nemo Nursery as we call it is now open during the 8am Sunday Morning Mass.  

Here are some images of our new nursery.  Please feel free to stop down and check it out.  

You are now about to enter Saint Patrick's Nemo Nursery
The interior of St. Patrick's Nemo Nursery
From inside the Nemo Nursery from another angle!

The nursery was redone as part of a Girl Scout Silver Award project by Charlotte Weinstein, Jasmine Roman and Emily Sarro.  Well done, Girl Scouts!

Again if you haven't seen it...please stop by during coffee and donuts and check it out.  

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