Saturday, January 24, 2015

Father Keith M. Carroll's Message for Catholic Schools Week 2015

Catholic Schools’ Week Message

Our Catholic Schools’ week theme is “Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” Since 1886, as a parish we have been blessed with a Catholic School as a part of our mission. For 129 years, students in our school have learned the faith, grown in knowledge, and learned the importance of Christian service.  
Over those years, thousands of students have benefited from a Catholic Education. Today Saint Patrick Catholic School continues that rich tradition. There are many benefits for choosing a Catholic Education. Not only does our school provide opportunities to grow in the faith, but is known for its quality education, thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff.   Saint Patrick Catholic School provides a family atmosphere and a positive learning environment. Finally, throughout the year our students are given opportunities for service which helps them put what they learn into practice.
As a product of Catholic Education, I have benefited and continue to see the value of our Catholic Schools and as the pastor of Saint Patrick Church, I would like to invite our families to consider our school for their children. I know times are difficult for many people, so let me take this opportunity to thank those families who make the sacrifice of sending their children to our school. For those considering a Catholic School but are hesitant because of the financial obligation, please make it a point to come talk with us so that we can investigate avenues so that your child/children could benefit from a Catholic Education.  For more information about Saint Patrick Catholic School, please call us at 854-8263.
While I am a strong supporter and advocate of Catholic Education, I also use Catholic Schools’ Week to thank our volunteer catechists and parents who send their children to our Religious Education program. I also thank those parents who educate their children at home. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Thanks goes out to you, our parishioners, for none of this would be possible without your prayerful and generous support. As we move forward, may we pledge to continue to work together to provide quality Catholic Education for many years to come!

Again for more information please call us at 717-854-8263
or you can visit us on the web at

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homily for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for January 22nd 2015 and Homily for the Holy Hour for Life 2015

Homily for Thursday January 22nd 2015

          “Jesus is always able to save those who approach God through him, since he lives forever to make intercession for them.”  The opening line from today’s first reading reminds us that Jesus is able to save.  There is no sin in the eyes of God that is unforgivable…all we have to do is open our hearts and minds to His healing grace.
          Forty-two years ago today the Supreme Court of the United States of American ruled on a case that opened the flood gates to one of the greatest travesties known to mankind.  That decision opened the door to legalized abortion in our country and since that decision over 50 million unborn children have been aborted.   Today we come to here pray seeking God’s mercy for that sin and we come to pray that hardened hearts may become aware of the gravity of this sin and seek His forgiveness.  Jesus is always able to save, no matter what!  He is always able to save.

               Once again, our responsorial psalm is “Here am I Lord, I come to do your will.”  What lead to this grave sin stems from greed, pride, and complete self-centeredness.  As Christians we are called not to our will, but His.  Today as we remember those precious lives lost may we pray that not only our hearts be opened but through our intercession and trust in the Lord’s saving power others may be opened to experiencing  what leads us all to true happiness. 

 Homily for the Holy Hour for the Protection of Human Life
          For those who attended Mass, you heard me say, that forty two years ago today the Supreme Court of United States of America ruled on a case which paved the way for legalized abortion in our country.  Since then it is estimated that fifty million children were aborted.  Today hundreds of thousands of people gathered in our Nation’s Capital to march and pray for the protection of unborn children.
          Abortion stems from several things…greed, pride, and total self-centeredness.  Since it has become legal I do believe fear has entered the picture.  For some families the fear of raising a child on their own and in light of the economic times fear of having another mouth to feed leads some to consider this devastating option.  Today we are blessed with great organizations such the Pregnancy and Family resource center, and others to assist families in their need.  Yet its root stem from greed, pride, and total self-centeredness for we live in a culture that has become accustomed of doing what one wants when one wants to do it.  It’s not about doing what one wants when one wants to do it…it’s about doing the Lord’s will and living for Him who saved us. 
          In talking about the fifty million lives aborted, we must recognize the total picture of the devastation this sin has caused for those fathers and mothers who have come to the realization of what they have done.   As members of the faith committed to the pro-life movement we must make every effort to care for those who lives have been impacted.  If we ourselves know someone who has fallen into this sin, we must pray for two things…that they come to the realization of the sin and be open to experiencing His healing love.  Abortion has destroyed so many lives not just those of the unborn child.  Some have noted that we don’t pray for the unborn in the petitions every week.  That doesn't mean I don’t pray for the unborn or encourage others to pray for the unborn, but that was done intentionally because as a confessor and as someone who has reached out to women and their families who have had an abortion these public prayers can trigger a reminder  and cause them to relive the sin…which can even drive them away from the Church.    
I have had the privilege of marching in Washington D.C. during my years of seminary and the early days of my priesthood.  Since becoming pastor it has become a little more difficult but I am still willing to go.  However, I must be honest, when I do go I am filled with several emotions.  First I am uplifted seeing all those people spanning generations gathering together to march and pray for the protection of life.  It is an awesome testimony.  Then as I march, I become annoyed and angered by some of the images I see posted of aborted children.  Brothers and sisters, if you want to turn people off to the positive message, that’s how you do it.  I am one who does believe it is important for people to see the effects of abortion, but you put in a pamphlet with a warning…graphic images inside.  You don’t put it on a side walk for children who join their parents on the March for Life or those who have had an abortion to see. 
          That leads us to ponder how can we effectively spread the pro-life message?  Often times when I am there I think there is too much talking.  You know what is more piercing today than ones tongue…SILENCE.  Personally more would be accomplished if we walked holding signs identifying ourselves as pro-life without making a single sound praying silently to ourselves as we march to the Supreme Court building.  Words can be effective but sometimes what is more is simply total silence.  Imagine being someone in the Capital Building where laws are made, and the Supreme Court building looking at a crowd of hundreds of thousands or millions of people standing outside their door.  See they are so used to people yelling at them that they tuned it out.  Stand outside their doors silently when they look out trust me they will take notice. 
          If we are going to keep winning this battle then we must change our game plan recognizing that words can only go so far.  For our ministry to be successful we need to stay focused and continue to center ourselves on the Lord.  We must be persistent without becoming overbearing cooperating in God’s mission.  In everything we must trust in God’s saving grace and power.  Moving forward let us continue to pray for our unborn children, to pray for those mothers being tempted and weighed down with the pressures of life considering an abortion that their hearts may be opened to choosing the gift of life.   Tonight spend some time quietly before the Lord offering your intentions for the protection of life and as we leave here tonight in honor of those lives effected I invite us to consider doing one thing that will make a difference in someone’s life whether that be making one extra holy hour in the chapel for the protection of the unborn or making a donation to Pregnancy and Family Resource Center.  Please consider it!  We will now spend the rest of our time in silence in honor of those lives lost and remembering those lives effects, and allowing ourselves to ponder this great truth that every life is sacred.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Father Carroll's Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time 2015

Homily for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time 2015
          “What are you looking for?”  Brothers and sisters that is the very question we must ponder each single day, especially as we gather here week after week.  What is it that we are looking for in life?  Are we looking to be successful?  Are we looking for good health?  We can come up with so many questions to ask.
          Often times our Lord asks us to ponder a question, we respond with a question, then He extends the invitation to follow Him as He did in today’s Gospel from John, “Come and you will see.”  Reflecting of God’s word today we must ponder are we willing and able to allow ourselves to trust in God’s will.  See many of the questions we could ask we could very well come up with our own answers and there lies the problem.  We are not called to do our will but rather His.  In that familiar prayer we pray “the Our Father” we pray that “thy will be done.”   
          God calls…however sometimes His voice is drowned out.  Samuel in today’s first reading was hearing the voice, but did not first recognize it from God.  Sometimes it takes a couple of times for it to become clear.  That is called discernment.  It is important for us to sit still…to pray, to reflect, and to respond.  This week in our prayers I want us to reflect on these two phrases, “Speak, for your servant is listening,” and “Here am I Lord; I come to do your will.”  It’s not our will we are called to follow…it is God’s and if we can find the grace and the strength to do that…we will be truly happy!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Youth Group News...Ignite Youth Ministry (grades 8 - 12) monthly Holy Hour at Saint Patrick's Church on the Second Sunday of the Month starting Sunday February 8th

Beginning February 8th the Ignite Youth Ministry (grades 8 – 12) Holy Hour will be here at Saint Patrick Church on the Second Sunday of the month.  In the fall of last year I extended an invitation to Scott Anthony to invite the Youth Group to our Sunday Night 5:30pm Mass, to stay for dinner, and then have their monthly holy hour where the youth will have the opportunity to adore our Eucharistic Lord and to go to confession.  I would like to extend an open invitation to the youth of the parish in grades 8 – 12 to join us on the Second Sunday of every month to attend the Sunday Night Mass, stay for dinner and fellowship, and conclude the evening adoring the Lord of heaven and earth.  Please note on the Second Sunday of every month…music will be added to the Sunday Night Mass. 

Fr. C.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Father Carroll's Homily for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord 2015

Homily for the Baptism of the Lord 2015
          The sacrament of baptism is a revelation.   First a foremost it is a sacrament and outward sign instituted by Christ to bestow grace.  Meaning God is at work, and with every baptism God is working to reveal something as He did at Christ’s baptism in the Jordon.
          Listen to those words again, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”  Each time the sacrament of baptism is ministered these very words are echoed over and over again.  Our Lord needed to be baptized, not in the sense to become a member of His family for Jesus is God, but it needed to be carried out in order for us to recognize its importance.  We are God’s beloved children and He is indeed pleased with us.  Yes despite our flaws He is pleased with us because we are created in His very image and likeness. 

          One of the crises in the sacrament of baptism is that it is often delayed too long.  A child should be baptized within the first few weeks of birth.  Some parents make the mistake of delaying the baptism of their child till they are older.  Baptism is not a stepping stone; it is not a hurdle to be jumped over but is an entrance into a relationship with the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).  We need to take baptism more seriously because it is necessary for salvation.   That is what we believe.  See God extends the open invitation for us to join His large extended family…who would want to pass that up, who would want to pass that up for their children.  God wants to be with us…as we heard in the prophet Isaiah, “Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one with whom I am pleased, upon whom I have put my spirit.” As we leave here today let us find peace in those words that reigned down from heaven because they are also meant for us “here is my beloved Son, my beloved Daughter; with you I am well pleased.”

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Temporary Suspension of the Distribution of the Precious Blood

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Effective immediately following the recommendation of our Diocesan Liturgical Coordinator we will be temporarily suspending the distribution of the Precious Blood at all Masses in the midst of the cold and flu season.  As I mentioned last week it is a particularly bad year for the cold and flu.  Once we are past the cold and flu season we will once again reinstitute the distribution of the Precious Blood.

For weekend Masses those ministers who would normally be distributing the precious blood will now be distributing the Body of Christ.  So there will be four stations with hosts instead of two.  Let us continue to remember in our prayers those who have been effected by the cold and flu season and all other illnesses in our families.

Father Carroll

Don't forget about this Saturday Evenings Potluck Supper...

Don't forget about this Saturdays Potluck Supper following the 4:30pm Mass. 

It might be (brrr) freezing cold outside but come and enjoy the warmth of family



TIME: 5:30PM


***To ensure a variety, please bring a dish to share in the food group designated by your last name below***

A - H...Entree
I - S...Side Dish
T - Z...Dessert

Drinks will be provided by the SPCS Social Committee 

Please RSVP by email to


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Envelopes...

Some have noticed two new envelopes in the January being the Maintenance Fund Envelope and the other for the Msgr. Brenner Fund. 

Let me explain the first.  Last year was a bad year as a result of all the snow...of course naturally we are charged each time they come out.  As a result it effected our budget.  This year I asked that we place a envelope in the packet to assist us with these kind of costs.  Please note this is an optional envelope, however if you can spare a few dollars it will help us keep up with these kind of bills.  In years in which there is not a lot of snow the monies collected will be used to help us maintain our properties (please keep in mind many of our building are aging and in need of some care).

The other envelope is for the Msgr. Brenner Education fund.  This fund was established in honor of Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner who served as our pastor from 1981 - 1995 to assist in our education mission.  We are blessed as a parish with a Catholic School and Religious Education Program.  In recent years a need has arisen within our community.  The Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner Education fund goes a long way to assist to provide additional tuition assistance and other educational tools which will benefit the entire parish.  Again this is an optional envelope, yet again your generosity would be greatly appreciated.  Catholic Education is the responsibility of the entire parish.

Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner Pastor of Saint Patrick Church from 1981 - 1995)

In addition to these envelopes our children (religious education and school) will be receiving a packet of children's envelopes for them to use.  These envelopes provide a way for them to feel that they are giving something to the Church and to instill in them a sense of ownership.  It is also another way for parents to help their children understand the importance of being generous.  Back in September I mentioned the importance of using envelopes because there is something about placing an envelope in the basket for we are giving of ourselves to the Lord.  Many parents already recognize how children like to put something in the this is another way to help them feel engaged.

Monday, January 5, 2015


You know what they should not operate heavy machinery when tired...well having gotten only two hours of sleep last night I should not operate our technology.  At 10:30 this evening I was preparing our first flock note to go out at Noon tomorrow.  However, I inadvertently hit the send button not realizing I didn't properly schedule the time…so it went out immediately around 10:47pm.  About 36 people had yet to register their emails so those messages would have been received as a text message.  I am truly sorry…that was my human error.  

For those who received a text message, I would kindly ask that you register your emails soon as possible which would take care of the problem.   Once again I am truly sorry for that error…it was not the system, it was the operator.  

Board of Education News!!!

The Social Committee of the Board of Education has been working hard to provide many wonderful events for the entire parish to enjoy!

Potluck Supper, this Saturday following the 4:30pm Mass.  Please see the previous blog article for more details...

Laser tag & bowling at Laser Alleys, East York. Friday, January 16, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.  Fun for any age! If you are interested in attending, please Drop ins are welcome, too!

Avalanche Express Night, Thursday, January 29th, 4-10 pm.

Snow "Ball" and Silent Auction, Saturday February 7th from 7pm - 11pm.  This is an adult only event.  Dance to the tunes of DJ Rob Ehrbar while snacking on light hors d'oeuvres and bidding on silent auction items. BYOB. Tickets are only $8/person $15/ Couple. 

Mark your calendar and grab your friends for this fun evening to support our Parish and break up the winter doldrums!

Contacting Father Carroll

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In recent days I have been noticing that some of my voice mail messages have been getting cut off.  If you have contacted me in the last couple of days I would kindly ask that you contact the parish office so I can get your contact information.

That leads me into my next point, what is the best method of contacting me.  The best method of contacting me is usually through email.  My email address is  All my emails go directly to my phone.  If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please resend the email.  Occasionally, I may open my emails on my phone and then as I go about doing other things forget to respond or the emails sometimes get inadvertently sent to by trash folder.  

I do try my best to return phone messages soon as possible.  Emergency calls are responded to immediately.  For emergencies outside of the office hours please dial the emergency number.  There are times especially in the middle of the night that you might get the voice mail.  Please leave a message.  For all other calls, if you do not get a response within 72 hours please call during office hours and give your information to Peggy or Terry and they will see that I get the message.  There are times depending on the situation it may take a little longer for me to return some calls for it is often necessary for me in my ministry to prioritize things.  In the event it is something I feel that I cannot take care of in timely manner I will pass on the information to Deacon Michael to follow up.

During the seasons of Advent and Lent please be patient for that is often our busiest time of year.  Please don't forget I am also available for confessions six days of week, for those who might need to speak with me sooner. 

Monday 4:30pm - 5pm and after Mass - 6:30pm
Wednesday 4:30pm - 5pm
Thursday 4:30pm - 5pm
Friday Noon - 1pm
Saturday 3:30pm - 4:15pm
Sunday 7:15am - 7:45am

Thank you all for your patience!  May the Lord continue to bless all of you!


Fr. C.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Homily for the Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord...and another word about "Flocknote"

Homily for the Feast of the Epiphany

On this day, the feast of the Epiphany it is customarily set aside for the formal announcement of Easter and the other movable feasts.   The formal proclamation reminds us of the manifestation of the Lord’s glory throughout the entire liturgical year.  
The other purpose of this announcement was that back in the day there was no printed calendars; there were no smartphones, or internet.  Members of the faithful would gather in their churches for this very proclamation in order to put it on their calendars.  Imagine not having a formal calendar to inform us about the dates of Easter or the other important feasts.  While this proclamation may be providing us with dates and times we may already have plugged in, it does remind us as I mentioned how the Lord’s glory is continuously celebrated and demonstrated in these feasts.  
Speaking of communication you might have noticed the note on most of the doors asking to bring your cell phones to Mass last weekend.  Several weekends ago I invited you to participate in a new mass email/text messaging system called flock note.  If you forget, that’s ok I forget a lot of things too, but that’s why I am here to remind you.  For those of you who have your cell phones on you, I invite you to consider taking them out and yes you actually do have my permission to take them out and go to your text message program.  Once you have that open for a new message and where it has to…type in 84576.  Then in the body of the message type SAINT1776 then hit send.  Shortly you will receive a message asking you to provide your email address.  Type that in and hit send once more.  Then the only thing you might be asked is to confirm your email and you can do that later.  Soon as that is done you are registered and will be able to log into the program to sign up for more specific information you would like to receive.  You can do this at home online and I will put that information in the bulletin or you can look at some of the posters in the back of Church after Mass for the link.
You might be asking why Father C is doing this now during the homily.  What does this have to do with the readings?   Has he lost his mind?  Well, for starters, I would have to have a mind to lose to start with…but there is a reason.  One of the keys of manifesting the glory of God is we ourselves.  We need to get the word out.  Every parish I have been in one of the biggest complaints is communication…either too little or yes even too much.  How can we effectively get the word out?  It begins with written communication.  In days of emails and text messaging word can get out quickly.  Of course we have the bulletin which can picked up and read each weekend.  Written word is the best line of communication and I will add if properly proofed, because it is the most accurate, in black and white.  Now if you haven’t figured it out…I am not a big fan of a mass verbal announcements because often times this is where the written word gets misconstrued along the way.  In fairness we don’t come here to listen to a whole much of infomercials, we come here to worship God.  Announcements at Mass should be made only when necessary.  
Emails, text messages, and the parish bulletin is really the best line of communication.  Once we have received the written word then the next best thing is for us to forward or personally share the message received.   We are reminded today as we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord we do have something to share and that is Jesus Christ is born, Jesus is God’s Son who was sent into the world to save us from our sins.  This season is about good news, and good news isn't so good if it is kept in house!  So I leave you with this about the good news we have received…get out there and share it!    

Below is my previous post on flocknote.  If you do not text please feel free to sign up following the instructions below.  This program is a great new way to effectively communicate with you...and it's easy.  

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One thing every parish or school always looks for ways to better communicate its message.  In the past year we have made great strides entering into social media with  the addition of the parish facebook page, the parish blog, and post recently our twitter page.  Today I am happy to introduce and rollout a new line of communication for our parish called "Flocknote."  Flocknote is a centralized email/text system which is geared to Church organizations.

Now please allow me to address a concern some might have off the bat.  Some might not want to be inundated with more emails or text messages.  When someone registers for "Flocknote" one will automatically be placed in the general email/text folder and once registered will be able to sign up for additional lists.  The general email/text blasts will be used in the following situations

  • for schedule additions or changes (Sent via email/text)
  • reminders for Holy Days of Obligation (Sent via email/text)
  • to collect important data which will be used to help improve our parish and to better serve you. (email blast only)
When you look at the lists you will be able to sign up for a particular ministry.  If you don't find your ministry listed and would like to add it to Flocknote please let me know and I will be happy to set it up for you.

Registering for Flocknote is simple as 1,2,3.  First you can click the following link and fill out the information

Once you click the link and fill out the information you will need to verify your email address.  For your convenience I have added to the sidebar of the blog a simple way to sign up by putting in your email address.  For those who choose this option when you go into the login screen just type in your email address hit the reset  or create password button and a temporary password will be assigned.  Then type in the password provided and then you will be able to sign in and put in a new password.  Soon as your logged in you will need to verify your email address.  If a link was not sent to you look for the alerts listing and follow the instructions.  You may need to send another verification email to your accounts.  Soon as you receive it click the link and you are good to go.

Finally another way of registering is simply to text "saint1776" to 84576.  You will then receive a text back asking for your email address.  Once you provide your email address you will need to verify it before you will receive emails/texts.

I would strongly encourage you to make sure you sign up to receive text alerts.  Again this will be used sporadically only to keep you informed of IMPORTANT information (mainly last minute schedule additions or cancelations) or reminders of Holy Days of Obligation.  You will not have to worry about being inundated with tons of text messages.  One of the important things to note about Flocknote is that its main purpose is not just another means of communication but also a way for us to call the flock together.  Also with Flocknote we can get information such as RSVPs or poll data from survey questions.

Please consider taking a moment to sign up for Flocknote!


Father C.


Friday, January 2, 2015




TIME: 5:30PM


***To ensure a variety, please bring a dish to share in the food group designated by your last name below***

A - H...Entree
I - S...Side Dish
T - Z...Dessert

Drinks will be provided by the SPCS Social Committee 

Please RSVP by email to


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Deacon Michael's Homily for New Year's Day 2015

Homily for the Solemnity of Mary, The Mother of God 2015
(Text Only)
Also Includes the Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots
 - A Favorite Devotion of Pope Francis.

On the 8th day of the Christmas Octave, the Church celebrates Mary’s earliest defining title – Mother of God.
Today we also begin a new year. We look at what lies ahead of us, and we wonder what it will be like.
Yet we also look back on the last year, and see what it has been.
So as we look at what lies before us and what lies behind, the Church invites us to look at Mary.  Yes, we look at Mary and we ponder with her.
"Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart."
Mary "pondered the marvels of the Lord" and practiced "silence of the heart."
As we begin the New Year, consider making one resolution that will help you with all your others.
Set aside a time each day to Silence your Heart. Maybe in the morning or in the evening (like Pope Francis) - or at least one intentional moment when you Silence your heart.
"To make possible true inner silence, try to practice:
Silence of the Eyes: Seek always the beauty and goodness of God everywhere. Close your eyes to the faults of others and to all that is sinful to the soul.
Silence of the Ears:  Listen always to the voice of God and to the cry of the poor and the needy.  Close your Ears to the voices such as gossip and uncharitable words.
Silence of the Tongue:  Praise God and speak His Word, which enlightens inspires, brings peace, hope, and joy.
Silence of the Mind:  Open it to the truth and knowledge of God in prayer and contemplation.  Close your Mind to destructive thoughts and false suspicions of others.
Silence of the Heart: Love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love one another as God loves us. 
Our 2nd reading tells us that God has sent the Spirit of Jesus into our hearts.
So like our Mother Mary, we ponder and treasure.
What lies behind us and what lies before us cannot be compared with what lies within us.
Yes, we have the Spirit of Jesus within us.
So let us give thanks and praise the Lord all the days of the year ahead.
May we also devote ourselves to the motherly care and guidance of Mary.
As you Silence your Heart, you may become aware of the Knots in your life that need to be undone.  Pray the Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots - a favorite of Pope Francis.

Mary Undoer of Knots.

In our 1st Reading, The Lord tells Moses how Aaron and his sons shall bless the Israelites.
This blessing has passed the test of time. St. Francis, himself a deacon, used these words to bless others. Rabbis, priests, deacons, ministers and parents have all employed this blessing.
During a baptism I always encourage parents - and godparents – to bless their children and spouse.  Using either this blessing or simply say "The Lord bless you.”
A person who blesses their child forms a strong bond between the two of them. That bond can motivate a person to overcome many obstacles.
As we begin the New Year, I ask you to consider a second resolution: Bless those who are close to you. Your blessing will help them – and it will also help you.
I would like to conclude with the blessing Moses taught to his brother Aaron:
The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon you,
and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace!  Amen!
Have a very Blessed Christmas Season
and Happy New Year!
Praise be Baby Jesus, Now and Forever, Amen!