Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pastoral Music



    Choir rehearsals have begun, but new members are still welcome and wanted.    
    Adults, are you thinking, "I like to sing, but I'm not a 'singer'. I'm just not good enough." We welcome experts of course, but most of us are 'amateurs' who enjoy the miracles God works when we gather to offer our gifts.        
   Children and teens, we want
YOU! Not sure if you can sing? We'll teach you! Are you pretty good already? You will learn more and get even better! The Lord gave you your voice. Use it to praise Him!!           
   Parents, Ms. Lisa Pantano is highly qualified in vocal performance and will be able to develop the voices of our youth. Don't miss this opportunity!         
   Come! Join us, please! Your offering of time and talent is a treasure to our Lord!


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