Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Envelopes...

Some have noticed two new envelopes in the January packet...one being the Maintenance Fund Envelope and the other for the Msgr. Brenner Fund. 

Let me explain the first.  Last year was a bad year as a result of all the snow...of course naturally we are charged each time they come out.  As a result it effected our budget.  This year I asked that we place a envelope in the packet to assist us with these kind of costs.  Please note this is an optional envelope, however if you can spare a few dollars it will help us keep up with these kind of bills.  In years in which there is not a lot of snow the monies collected will be used to help us maintain our properties (please keep in mind many of our building are aging and in need of some care).

The other envelope is for the Msgr. Brenner Education fund.  This fund was established in honor of Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner who served as our pastor from 1981 - 1995 to assist in our education mission.  We are blessed as a parish with a Catholic School and Religious Education Program.  In recent years a need has arisen within our community.  The Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner Education fund goes a long way to assist to provide additional tuition assistance and other educational tools which will benefit the entire parish.  Again this is an optional envelope, yet again your generosity would be greatly appreciated.  Catholic Education is the responsibility of the entire parish.

Msgr. Thomas R. Brenner Pastor of Saint Patrick Church from 1981 - 1995)

In addition to these envelopes our children (religious education and school) will be receiving a packet of children's envelopes for them to use.  These envelopes provide a way for them to feel that they are giving something to the Church and to instill in them a sense of ownership.  It is also another way for parents to help their children understand the importance of being generous.  Back in September I mentioned the importance of using envelopes because there is something about placing an envelope in the basket for we are giving of ourselves to the Lord.  Many parents already recognize how children like to put something in the basket...so this is another way to help them feel engaged.

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