Saturday, July 12, 2014

SCRIP Program Changes

Having made changes to the SCRIP Program as required by the Diocese and tax laws for non-profit organizations, Fr. Carroll, on the advice of the Finance Council, has determined that the SCRIP Program, as it is currently functioning, is no longer cost effective for our parish, due to decreased use.  The following changes will be made effective immediately:

1.    Giant and Weis WILL continue to be available weekly after Masses and orders may be placed through the school during the school year and will be filled on Wednesdays.

2.    Other Great Lake SCRIP cards in stock will be sold but no new stock will be purchased. 

3.    SCRIP NOW flyers will be available to those who wish to continue to purchase SCRIP on line and print certificates at home.  These purchases will continue to benefit St. Patrick Parish, are available immediately, and may be purchased with a credit card.  ALL are encouraged to explore this option. 
      Many thanks to those who use the SCRIP program to benefit the parish!  We do ask you to consider the SCRIP NOW online option!

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