Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Message from Father Carroll regarding the upcoming Lighting and Security Project

A Message from the Administrator

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Several months back I mentioned the important need for addressing increased security and monitoring of our properties. Since January, we have met with security companies, and have done our own evaluation looking at what we need to make things more secure.

As we move into the summer months, we would like to move forward with our plan to add lights and security cameras in the parking lot along College Avenue and Beaver Streets. In addition we would like to add security cameras in the main lobby of the Church, updating the security system in the school and adding cameras to the exterior of the building, reactivating the security system in the rectory, and eventually replacing three doors (the main door to the school, the main doors that lead to the cafeteria, and the main door to Brenner Hall). Also in the last couple of months, it has been determined that it is necessary to replace the intercom system in the school; this was something we thought we could punt down the road for another year or two, but looking at the system it has been determined we need to move forward replacing it now.

Of course all of this comes with a cost. Right now I am projecting this project to cost us in an area around $75,000. This upgrade to our parish facilities is a necessity and will be done for the security and peace of mind of all. As the administrator of the parish seeing this need, I am asking you to generously support this project. Every little bit will help. I want to thank you ahead of time for your generosity towards this important project and once again reaffirm my sincere gratitude for your ongoing generosity to Saint Patrick Church.


Fr. C.

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